Why I Write

Why do I write? I think why is a question many people should ask themselves. And, I am not talking about the superficial why. Like: writing is in my blood. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. I don’t know I just do it.

No, I’m talking about the real why here. And, that’s precisely what I am going to tell you.

I write because I want to read my stories. When I was going through some tougher times, I found my only escape in books. Particularly the books I like to read. While still going to my normal job, performing on stage, all the things I did for “fun.” I still only found my escape through reading.

Then the narrative changed, I found I started reading myself out of the genres or tropes I preferred… I was once again struggling to find a way to escape.

Then something clicked.

A little backstory on me, I’ve always had a challenging time falling asleep. To help, I’d tell myself stories at night. Every night. I’d always picked up where I left off. And with absolutely no surprise, these were the stories I liked to read. The stories I preferred. The stories that gave me my escape.

One morning I decided I wanted to live through my stories more than once, so I started writing them down.

Every single story I publish is a story I want to read. After a story of mine goes live and a few months pass, if I cannot pick it up and read it, then it was not the story for me. I write stories that are true to my heart. True to the characters I create. True to how I see the world.

I love to laugh. So, I write stories that make me laugh. I love strong, fierce, and take no shit heroines, that when faced with not being in societies norm, they stick up their middle finger and say watch me. I love hero’s that love their heroines so much that without them they feel like they don’t have air.

That is what I love to read. Thatis what I write. I write stories I want to read. I write stories that tell societies norms to jump off a cliff. I write stories that show you can be who you want to be no matter what you look like, what you sound like, who you love, or who you are.

No matter what stories I publish in the future or have published in the past, it will always be a story that I love with every ounce of my being. It will always be a story that I can get lost in any time I pick it up. It will always be a story from my heart.

Why I write? I write because I want to read my stories. I am just unbelievably lucky others want to read my stories too.

This is my WHY.

Why my books are not in Amazon Kindle Unlimited: