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Have you been wondering what’s happening with Holly and Ben? Well, guess what? What about Lord Waffles?
You won’t have to wait much longer!

Stumbling Into Forever Cover Reveal is here!

Do you like laugh out loud romances? Well, Ben and Holly have your back. She’s a quirky girl with an over opinionated Corgi named Lord Waffles and he’s a smoking hot vet.

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And continue their story in Stumbling Into Forever coming March 25. Preorder now!

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Stumbling Into Him
Holly has spent her whole life as a walking disaster, from running into walls, tripping over invisible objects, and always being in the wrong place at the wrong time. When a seemingly normal outing taking her overly opinionated Corgi for a walk resulted in an object to the face, she didn’t think her day could get any worse. The moment she opened her eyes and saw the Adonis standing over her, she knew she’d been wrong. It was about to get a whole lot worse.

Ben’s lived his whole life disobeying his uptight, self-centered, shrew of a mother. Instead of going into the family business, he followed his dreams and opened his veterinarian clinic. One ordinary day at the dog park, and a rogue dog toy later, he found himself captivated by the curvy woman that had a feistiness which set him on fire.

It could only get better from here, right? Too bad his mother had other plans.

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Continue Holly and Ben’s story in Stumbling Into Forever

Life would be boring without some chaos thrown in, right? Surprisingly enough, that was Holly and Lord Waffles’ specialty.

What kind of trouble will they get into next?

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